Monday, April 28, 2014

Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer by Rachel Lyndhurst

Matt sure is a go-getter, "all he needed to track her down. And he would. What was the point of being rich if you couldn't find the one woman you needed?" He holds nothing back to getting what he wants, "Matt DeLeo tipped his head to one side and smiled. "Blackmail?" Then a nonchalant shrug. "I want you as my poster girl, and I want to see you again. So if that's what it takes to get me what I want, then I guess so. Blackmail. Technically." He's just a big a** flirt, "his dark gaze burned into her and she felt a little quiver skitter up her spine. "I don't have a girlfriend. It's not something I do. Dates, flings, and sex, yes, but nothing long term." he said quietly. "Unless you're volunteering to up the stakes on our deal and persuade me to chance my ways?" Piper she's an honest girl, "you probably didn't have to blackmail me. You could have just asked me out or something like normal people do." This book was so damn entertaining I loved it. 

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