Friday, April 25, 2014

Hold on Tight by Serena Bell

You just don't pi** off Mira she will go off on your a**, "you know what? Forget it." She reached into her purse and pulled out an old credit-card receipt and scribbled her cell number on it. "If you change your mind about getting to know Sam..." I loved how considerate Mira was:
                         "That's a lot of pizza and beer. You expecting someone else?" 
                         "You're a big guy," Mira said. Then she blushed. 
                         Jake's pulse picked up. Her gaze found points around the room, anywhere but his face. "Guess I am," he said mildly.
I think Mira makes Jake feel like a man again, and he really needs that after what he's been put through and the new things he needs to learn with his leg, "he grabbed her a**, hard, as if to tug her against him, but he lost his balance and fell backward, barely catching himself with a hand on the counter. "Motherfu-" He put his head in his hands." Sometime certain things just need a girl's touch to bring back the liveliness in people, or erm... body parts, "she rolled the condom down. "Feels so much effing better when you do it," he said. She wrapped her hand around him and squeezed." This story was touching but not in an overly mushy way, and you can relate to the characters.

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