Friday, April 25, 2014

Avoiding Alpha by Aileen Erin

YAY it's book two! Although you wouldn't know that it's the second book in the 'Alpha Girl' series by the cover, which I'm hoping the author will fix (just put on the book that it is indeed book two in the series.) Sometimes having a mate sure can be pesky:
                "You haven't lost your mind," a low gravelly voice said beside me.
                 I squealed and opened my eyes. Dastien was crouched beside my bed, his eyes level with mine. "Oh my God. How long were you listening?"
                "Right as she was advising you on take precautions." 
I love how attentive Dastien was, "no. But I can tell you're happy, and if I did something that made you feel that way, I'd like to know so I can make you feel that way again." And you don't mess with his woman, "he stepped toward Shannon. "You've lashed out about my mate for the last time. Blaming her for stealing me, her own mate. For hurting Meredith. For any little thing you didn't like. I won't have it anymore." I think Tessa enjoys the benefits of being mated to someone with erm... grand attributes, "we slid to the ground. I couldn't take my eyes from him as I tried to catch my breath. I licked my lips and stared at him. God. He was way too hot. His abs. His long, muscular legs. His arms. Holy sh**, his arms." I can't wait to see where the third story goes.

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