Friday, April 25, 2014

Body Heat by Katherine Garbera

Tuck is a very naughty boy, "she walked to the credenza and bent over to open one of the doors. She had the kind of hips that made a man's hands tingle wondering what they'd feel like in his hands. She straightened and caught him staring. He shrugged. He was attracted to her and wasn't even going to pretend he wasn't. Everything about her turned him on." He doesn't beat around the bush, he's not one to hold his thoughts, "that I can't get you off my mind. That one damned kiss is still replaying in my mind. I'm so hard I could come with just the thought of your mouth on mine again." He can sometimes be caveman-ish, "he kissed between her breasts, turning his head from side to side, scraping her with the stubble on his jaw. "I want to leave my mark all over your body." The boy is a natural born cuddler, "you can be very sweet," he said, tracing his fingertips down her back. He cupped her rump and shifted underneath her so that the tip of his erection nestled between her legs." I enjoyed reading this book, and I loved Tuck. 

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