Friday, April 25, 2014

Needing Me Wanting You by C.M. Stunich

I'm not sure whose more of an animal in this series Austin or Beck, "oh, hell yeah, baby," I groan as I slam Tease's a** into the wall a few last desperate times, spilling my come inside of her." I loved Beck, I loved how playful he could be while sounding serious, "you want to find out? I'd love to chase after your a**." I mean the boy isn't bashful by any means, "she watches me drop my jeans to the ground, kicking my boots off and climbing into the water butt friggin' naked. I don't try to hide my hard-on. What's the Goddamn point? I think you could see this baby from space." Typical man thinking he's bigger than he really is (I mean he probably is bigger, but still.) I loved Tease and Beck together and the great nicknames he comes up with:                      "I thought you were sleeping," I say as he pulls me back into the room and flings me on the bed, my white towel fluttering like a broken angel wing. I do my best to cover up my nakedness while Beck stands over me grinning. 
               "I was waitin' for your a**, sugar ti*s." 
I think I loved Beck more than Austin. 

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