Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hero Duty by Jenny Schwartz

Jessica, I loved her from page one, "she kept going, like she hadn't heard. "You're a hero. And like I told you, I need a hero." Brodie I loved how caring he was evening in the beginning, "oh hell. Push off Buddy." The dog jumped off obediently and Brodie put an arm around Jessica and pulled her across the space the dog had vacated." Sometimes Brodie has to make sure Jessica is in front of him to hide his erm.....issues, "walk in front of me," Brodie said at the hotel. That he felt like her was evidenced by the strain on his zipper. She brushed her hand against him in the shadows of the underground car park. His fingers dug at her hip. 'Play-time's upstairs." I loved reading this bookie.

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