Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wish Upon a Tiger by A.T. Mitchell

Erik, I really loved him, "you'll get a bed and a warm meal," Erik said knowingly. "We're a tight clan. These boys you see behind me have been with me long enough to work like a well oiled machine." He turned around, and pointed to them one by one. "That's Harry, Zee, Christian, and Egil." I mean he's quite the looker as well, "and my, his body showed it! Much as I tried, my eyes kept wandering to Erik's rock hard a**, up the muscular trunks of his legs and toward his broad shoulders. Front and back, he was ripped, the kind of rugged strength that can only come from wrangling raw nature." He can voice his thoughts with no problems, "I'm talking about your sweet scent. Smelling you, seeing you, knowing you're in heat...eff!" He cursed, soft and fierce simultaneously. "Lock me in my room tonight. Bolt the door. If instinct takes over, I might do something we'll both regret, and I promised to keep you safe. Here's the key. You can let me out in the morning." I mean Erik is all animal where Jenna is concerned, "Gods, if anyone tried to hurt or steal her away from me, I'd slash their throats and watch them bleed on the ground. Jenna was the first woman in my life who I wanted to kill for." And Erik teaches Jenna that not sexual things need to happen in the bedroom, "eff yes. Not everything amazing happens in the bedroom. And when I want what's mine, I'm gonna take it anywhere I please." 

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