Monday, March 24, 2014

Charred Hope by Lizzy Ford

After everything that's happened it's still good to see Chace has his priorities in order, "a lot, I'd say." He smiled. "Still wanna drag you off and eff you." But Skylar that girl has some tricks up her sleeve to keep her man on her toes, "she grinned, not caring how upset he was at the moment. "I know just how to cheer you up, dragon," she murmured. "Hey, cabin. You got any sexy lingerie around?" I mean Chace the boy is still distracting, "Chace was eyeing her like he was ready to eat her or toss her back into bed, they'd spent the night making love. "Would you stop?" she asked with a playful laugh. "You're distracting me." And I'm proud of Skylar she knows how to take control, "she shoved him onto his back, landing on top of him. Skylar began fluttering hot little kisses across his face and neck. Chace laughed at the tickling sensation and wrapped his arms around her, rolling her onto her back. He settled on top of her, between her thighs, his arousal growing hard." I'm hoping Mason or Gunner gets a story because I loved those two as much as Skylar and Chace.

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