Monday, March 24, 2014

So Much to Learn by Jessie Star

Oh Tally, I loved you! Sometimes the girl just had to spell things out for Jack, "I can't put out!" I finally screeched. "You have to teach me how to put out. Sex, Jack, sex and all that comes before and after, do you get me?" I mean the girl has some jealousy issues she didn't know she had, "so," I cut across him, my tone vicious enough to make him rock a step back from me in surprise, "apparently it's totally obvious that you're into Haley." Jack knows how to make Tally stop talking altogether, "oh, you are so-" I was aiming to say 'funny' but the word got swallowed up as Jack lowered his head and kissed me fiercely." I mean the boy doesn't even care if she marks him, "tipping his head down to look at it Jack simply smiled and said, "That'll be one hell of a hickey come tomorrow morning." Then kissing me lightly on the mouth he got off the bed and held out a hand to me. "Come on then," he said, "we both need a shower." Sometimes Jack has to reposition them, "I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations his hands were summoning up and felt Jack suddenly grab me by the hips and pull me up so the next moment he was half sitting, half lying, leaning back against the couch armrest and I was straddling him. "Relocation?" I asked, opening my eyes and smiling down at him, aware of hammer pressing against me." I loved reading this book it was cute and the characters were people you fell in love with. 

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