Thursday, March 13, 2014

What it Takes by Kathryn Ascher

Sometimes I wonder if by the way Kelsey acts that maybe she's jealous of the girls with Patrick, "so concerned he went back to dancing with those girls," she argued." Patrick sometimes just has to set the record straight, "wait just a second." He grabbed her arm. "I don't know if I should find your assumptions funny, or be insulted by them." He yanked her closer and onto the floor beside him. She landed with a small 'oomph' and he bit back an apology. "I've never been disrespectful, I've never been rude. But you seem to take every one of my actions as an attempt to seduce you. You either think too little of me or too much of yourself." Sometimes when they're acting I feel like it's actually real for them, "her free arm slip up to his shoulder. He responded by pulling her tighter and kissing her a little harder. Her lips parted as his tongue brushed them lightly." And when it's real it's only hotter, "hmm," he hummed against her neck and his fingertips slid to the hem of her skirt, then under. "I think it's more about what kind of state I'd like you to be in when we get there." I enjoyed reading Patrick and Kelsey's story a lot and I'm hoping Kelsey's sister will get one of her own.

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