Thursday, March 13, 2014

Relentless by Anna Wells

Jordan really is relentless when is comes to Michaela, that boy stops at nothing to get what he wants, "his hand moved down her back to her rear. He gently squeezed her cheek with his hand, unable to control the impulse. Michaela's head snapped up asking, "did you just squeeze my a**?" And this boy can go on for ages when it comes to sex and Michaela even after three orgasms that he gave her, "that was only one round!!!? Jesus, Jordan, you're still hard!" He kissed her again while he leaned over and grabbed another condom." I mean he's all for pleasing her, "you want to date?" he asked. "Fine I'll take you to dinner tonight. Problem solved, we can move forward now." I mean Jordan is like all playful when it comes to his girl, "Jordan began undoing the button of her pants. "I think I can fit you right in just about now." I loved reading their story. 

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