Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

Sweet baby Jesus Shane, "this, babe." Shane's mouth skates up the side of my neck as his hips begin to roll suggestively against mine. The rhythmic movement causes the seam of my jeans to push and drag over a spot I've been sorely neglecting of late, and I moan. "This. Us. Me moving inside you. You're thinking about it." I mean some scenes were just funny, "his eyes widen a little bit, probably at me having the audacity to laugh when he has a king-size boner in his pants, but something shifts in his expression." I mean the boy can be an animal, "Shane releases my mouth to watch me. His eyes are glazed, he's biting his lip hard and growling in his throat, as if the sight of my hands working his belt is a massive turn-on." I mean he can be bossy but the boy allows his girl to do some things, "there you are, babe." he breathes the words, watching me tug his pants down lower. "Make demands on me. Do what feels right." Shane made this book so enjoyable and I loved him hardcore! 

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