Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marked by Hades by Reese Monroe

Theo had his turn for a book and now it's Justin's turn which I was jumping for damn joy! Right off the bat the boy is protective and wants to take care of Yvonne, "his intense stare triggered gooseflesh on all of her skin, exposed or not. Another stomach rumble. His jaw clenched, and he said, "let me get you some food." And you don't touch his woman, "Justin roared to his feet and rammed into Halena. "You did not try to vanquish Yvonne." He clutched her throat and squeezed." I mean he can't say no to his girl, "there was no denying his Mate. He lifted her leg and hitched it on his hip. She sucked his neck, humming her approval. He angled her just right, and then they were one." I loved Justin's book more than Theo's because the boy is bada** and well I just loved him. 

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