Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Night of Misbehaving by Carmen Falcone

A quick, short, fun read. Oh Brent I loved when you get all possessive and protective, "you can't go out with her because she's mine. I'm going on this date instead of you." Sometimes Brent needs to explain some things, "Georgia. We're talking in a restaurant without kids or crayons in sight. There's alcohol and your legs look shaven and smooth. This is the definition of a date." With a wink, he rested his case." I mean the boy is just all sorts of sexiness, "soon." He spooned her, the hardness of his co** finding it's nest between her thighs. He pulled her hair, stretching her neck toward him, and started a trail of kisses that sunk her resolve like quicksand." I really did enjoy reading this book! 

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