Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Unsuitable Husband by Ros Clarke

Oh Emile good lord I loved him, "he gave her a look. "Oh yes. Dinner at Le Terroir. After-party at my flat. That'll be you and me. Naked." I mean I loved Emile and Theresa together:
                      Not the hint of a blush or even a hesitation. "I have some underwear I thought you might be interested in seeing." 
                      Merde, she knew how to drive a man crazy. He cleared his throat. "I can revise my plans to include underwear." 
I mean I loved these two together:
              "Tight. You know, it would be good if you didn't shave between now and then."
               He rubbed a hand across his jaw, already dark with stubble. "You like it rough, cherie?" Thoughts of just exactly how that roughened skin would feel against hers made her mouth go dry.
I loved reading this book. It was humorous and a fun read. 

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