Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Outlaw's Obsession by Jenika Snow

Jagger I liked him, "but then I saw the prospect about to touch you, and all I could see was red." Sonya looked down at her hand on his shoulder and noticed he was shaking slightly. "I could have killed him right then and there for even thinking about touching you." He's just so damn honest, "baby, I have never wanted a female the way I want you." He placed his hands by her head on the wall, in the same way he had done all those days ago when he had forced himself to walk away from her. "And you are not just club pu**y to me, Sonya." He moved one of his hands and pushed her hair off her shoulder. "My bear wants you for more than just a few hours, baby." I liked how Jagger talked about his bear it was like it was another person inside of him, "I love having you this way, baby, buy my bear is a stubborn and possessive effer, and needs to claim you this way." 

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