Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Ace by Rhonda Shaw

I loved this book, and it's characters. Jerry stole the show, he was so snarky, "he laughed as he turned back to Chase and Maddie with his arm still around her. "It's okay, guys. She's just embarrassed to show her excitement in front of an audience, but, believe me, she's ecstatic to see me." He knows when to give compliments when they are due, "you're a funny woman," he said as he eyes her with what looked like interest." I mean once the boy makes his mind up on something it is gung-ho to that goal, "done with the flirty games, Jerry decided on the spot he was changing his mind. He was going to test the waters with her, and he absolutely was going to get his hands on her." Did I mention those compliments he likes to shower Karen with? Well sometimes they could be his horniness, "you look so hot tonigt," he said in a low, raspy voice. "It took everything I had to keep my hands off of much as I could." Karen I think likes taking care of Jerry it's just not one of those things she wants to admit out loud, "well, why didn't you say something?" She smacked his butt as she got up and reached for her panties and top. "Get dressed and come out to the kitchen. I'll make you a snack." Jerry is also one of those guys who likes to push the envelope, "are you going to stop me?" he asked as he released himself from his boxers." I enjoyed this book so much all the characters were lovable, snarky and pure entertainment to read.

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