Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tap Out by Michele Mannon

Caden can be an a** but I knew I loved him the minute he got all protective over someone that he didn't particularly care for, "Caden tensed. No matter how much he disliked Sophie, she didn't deserve to be taken down by the likes of Bouvine. Caden was going to have a fist talk with that a**hole. "Was she hurt?" he murmured, his tone sounding threatening even to his own ears." The boy is cocky, "I'd say our lockin' lips had gotten us somewhere. Hell, I'm in your bed right now. Bet I could be inside your panties in a heartbeat. Noe, that would really be somewhere." Sophie sure does know how to make a man stop in his tracks, "Caden laughed. She reached over and cupped the rigid length of him through his sweats. His laughter stopped." I mean when these two are together they sure like to be adventurous, "we'll see them way before they can see us. Keep your eyes on the horizon, honey." His hands found the buttons of his Bermuda shorts. He opened them and was working his co** out of his boxers before she could even say the word horizon. "Drop your panties and get on up on the hood." I loved how the two characters had a love/hate relationship and I loved to see it grow.

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