Saturday, March 29, 2014

Taken With You by Shannon Stacey

It's okay Hailey I'd be sneaking a peak if I were in your shoes, "Hailey could tell he was walking away from her, so she opened her eyes to watch him go. Even if she tried to put aside being under the influence of his touch on her neck, she had to admit he had a nice a**. Exceptional, even." Matt he's such a nice guy and I loved the boy, "don't feel bad for caring about my dog. And he'll be outside at least twenty minutes. I'm up, so have a coffee with me." Hailey the girl knows how to keep her man interested, play at his wildest fantasies, "just as he got to her, Hailey turned and went up the stairs. With each step, he was gifted with a teasing flash of skin and, by the time they got to the top, he had his shirt and T-shirt off." I mean just like Hailey like's his a** he's in love with hers, "smart-a**." He slapped her a**, making her jump. "Remind me to tell you about my fantasies more often." This was a fun and entertaining story to read.

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