Sunday, March 30, 2014

Inspire Me by Jenna Dales


Raine is just a flirty boy, "he eased back on the step stool but didn't let go of her knee. "Maybe you should hit me again." I mean he does have good intentions but where Lily is concerned that sh** goes out the door, "still kissing her, he kicked the step stool back and levered her knee up so he could step between her spread legs. One step and he'd pin her on the counter. He really should give her another chance to walk away. But where his T-shirt had pulled out of his jeans, she curled her fingers behind his belt into the waistband and tugged him closer." Lily that girl loves to give compliments but it's Raine's butt that gets most of them, "you have a nice butt. But it's almost as white as mine." Sometimes Raine has to remember to take things slow, "his co** surged painfully against the buttons of his jeans. God, the things he could do to her to really get her purring. He tightened his hands into fists to hold back the impatience. One step at a time, he knew that." Overall I loved the interactions Lily and Raine would have:
                        Here eyes widened again as she stared at his raging erection. He let her look her fill as he prowled around the bed to the night stand. He yanked out a brand-new box of condoms - a big box- and thumped it on the table after extracting a foil packet. She smirked. "You're pretty confident, aren't you?" 
                           "I got another box in the glove compartment of the Coupe. And a six-pack in my wallet. I ain't gonna run short again." 

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