Sunday, March 30, 2014

Playing it Close by kat Latham

I knew Liam was a good guy when he offers his extra underwear so can stay warm, "don't fancy the chances of these staying up, either," He dropped them, went back to the bag, held up a pair of gray cotton boxer briefs, his gaze never straying south of her face even though he was squatting level with her girl parts. "How about a pair of my pants? I promise they're clean." I really do love how these two interact especially when they're about to get naughty for the first time: 
                  "What's not?" He ripped open the packet, then looked around for somewhere to put it. "Sh**. I didn't think about this. I'm not littering Eden with condom packets." 
                  She tilted her head. "Plural?"
                 At least he had the good grace to look sheepish. "I was very hopeful."
                She laughed and shook her head as she took the foil from him. "Suit up, Poseidon. I'll hold this till we get back to our rock."  
                 "Poseidon, huh?" He rolled the condom down his thick length and then lifted her again, finding exactly the spot that'd driven her wild moments earlier. "Does that mean you're impressed with the size of my trident?" 
He's also honest and isn't scared to go into the 'unknown' where Tess is concerned, "and why are you hiding the truth from me? You said it's a woman thing. Tess, I'm a grown man. Women's bits don't scare me. Being kept in the dark? That scares me." I really loved reading this book it kept me entertained from page one til the end. 

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