Friday, March 28, 2014

Leverage by Jessica Wilde

This is the first book of Jessica's that I have read and I can tell you that it's not going to be the last. I loved Lucas, "he stumbled and almost dropped me, but thankfully the bed was right there and he set me down carefully. "The first?" he asked incredulously." I mean he's so protective of Ash even if it's her brothers making her upset, "save it for when you get here, a**hat, so I can be close enough to put my fist to your nose for talking to your sister like that." I mean he's everything I want, "don't look at me like that when your brothers are just down the hall, baby. Otherwise, I'll get my a** kicked for sure with the things that I'm planning on doing to you." And if there's one thing Lucas doesn't like is being interrupted especially when he's with his girl and it's her brothers calling, "he answered the call, but didn't give any type of greeting. "She's here with me and I'll kill you if you even think about taking her from me." He ended the call just as quickly and tossed the phone onto the nightstand." Jessica writes all these characters that you can't help but love and I'm looking forward for the rest of the series. 

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