Friday, March 28, 2014

Like Honey by Liz Everly

Grayson has a little obsessions with a**es and Jennifer's in particular, "he liked her a**. Heart shaped, firm looking, with just a bit of a sexy jiggle." I mean the boy really enjoys her a**, "he turned her over. "I just want to see that a**," he said. She had no choice but to comply. She was a simmering mess under his skilled hands. Compliant. He ran them up and down her back and then to her firm a**. Soft skin beneath his calloused hands. "Yes," he said. "So perfect." I mean the girl gets a thrill when her man is home, "his hands moved all over her, as her legs held him closer. Skin on skin. Breath on her neck. She arched against him and almost purred. "Mmmmmm," she said. "You're home." I mean Gray can voice his feelings which is always a good thing in a relationship, "oh, that, it's um, really hard for me to concentrate about anything when you're naked in my bed, and I've just gotten some very good head and watched your gorgeous face as I pleasure you. In fact," he said, and placed her hand on his co**. "I'm not thinking about anything right now except effing you." I loved this book it really was a great read. 

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