Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Haunted by her Dragon by Julia Mills

It doesn't take much for Lance to be happy when his girl is involved, "he reveled in the half-lidded, sexy look of her eyes and her kiss-swollen lips, knowing he and he alone had done that to her. The blush on her cheeks was an unexpected bonus that had his chest swelling with pride." With Lance I notice he doesn't always have a stick up his bum where she is concerned and we see a different side of him, "he would have laughed out loud at the look of disappointment in her eyes if his co** wasn't so hard he was sure he could pound nails with it. "Now, get your pretty little a** dressed, and I'll be sitting over by the door," he wiggled is eyebrows for effect, "enjoying the view." I really do love this series and I'm excited for more.

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