Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Push by Claire Wallis

Oh Emma I loved you, "someday I will have to meet these gentlemen," I mock. "It's a rare breed that is willing to jack off to a box on tampons. They sound like people I might like." I mean I love the relationship David and Emma have especially while they text each other:
                Yes. Not interested in your porn either. Not without you anyway.
                I'll be home in twenty.
I mean as the relationship goes on I see Emma wanting to do things that would make David happy, "I gather my things and head to the bathroom, pulling my favorite green dress from the closet as I go. I was wearing this dress the night I went up to his apartment and straddled his lap in front of his friends. When he picks me up tonight, I want him to see it and remember our first night together." I was surprised by the cliffhanger but I guess that, that's why the title of the book is 'Push' I can't wait for the second installment to see how everything plays out.

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