Monday, March 24, 2014

Fiance' by Fate by Jennifer Shirk

What a cute story, I loved Jack and Sabrina:
                        She looked back up, willing her eyes on his and not his body. "Uh, Jack, where exactly did you sleep last night?"
                         A lazy grin swept over his rugged face. "With you." 
Jack he has some damn fine smooth moves, "he chuckled, finding her reaction to being touched by him particularly interesting. "I'm hardly going to take advantage of you in broad daylight in the middle of  work. Unless you want me to, of course." Also they tend to find themselves in compromising positions, "Jack lifted his head and let out a swift curse. Sabrina's cheeks ignited as she re-tucked her blouse. His sister laughed, but covered her mouth too late. "I know what you guys were doing was G-rated, for now...but I'd like to keep it that way with the kids around." I really do enjoy stories like this, it was a great fun read.

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