Monday, March 24, 2014

Destry by Lola Stark

Let's just say I love Lola's cowboys as much as I love her inked hotties. I mean Destry his mind is all man, "she'd torn her skirt trying to jump in my truck. She'd also given me the perfect excuse to get a hand on her a**. Only problem with that was the hard-on I'd been sporting. She wasn't helping any, crossing and uncrossing her legs." I mean together Destry and Amelia are animals, "my hand wrapped around his denim covered erection. A growl tore through his chest, and before I could blink, my torn panties were hanging off the chair beside us." Sometimes a girl just needs to coax her man into doing things, "I've seen your rear. It's a very nice one. Now, show me." She tried to poke her head around to see." Can't wait to see the other characters get a book. 

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