Monday, March 24, 2014

Wild about her Wingman by Robin Bielman

Troy is just a darling and I loved him, "it was no bother." Troy lifted his head and cast the sweetest look at his niece. "We were just on our way home from Build-A-Bear. Bridget there is a new addition to the family." let's just say Erin isn't to thrilled with the site of blood:
                  "Is it still bleeding?" 
                  He smiled and all the tension in his shoulders faded. "No, but you've got a pretty nasty cut, and it could start up again if you're not careful." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the rise of her chest drawing his eye. Her T-shirt said 'keep calm and climb on.' His grin grew wider. Yeah, he wouldn't mind doing that.
 Troy that boy is just a damn teddy bear, "Troy cracked up. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and nuzzled his nose in her hair. His laughter washed over her. All her armor folded. "God, you're irresistible." I mean when these two are together they are like animals, well Troy is:
                  "Good thing I threw some snacks in my backpack. I'm starving."
                   "Me too." He moved against her. Not in a hungry-for food way, but in a hungry-for-her way. 
This was a cute read and I enjoyed it. 

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