Monday, March 31, 2014

Alpha's Strength by Rebecca Royce

Cyrus he's demanding, "I don't know that I'm somebody you should know. But you are going to know me. Count on that." It's really apparent that he'd do anything for Betsy, "she might not like it here. Someday, when she was officially his, if she wanted to move he'd let her pick any place in the city she wanted. Anything to make her happy." I mean he'd give her the world, "you like the silk, princess? I'll drape you in it. When I let you get dressed." I mean he can be an a** some of the time, "your temper shows how human you still remain." He shook his head. "I'm the Alpha of this pack. I don't discuss pack business with anyone if I don't want to. Things that relate to us, I'll be happy to bring to your attention, but this is me as the Alpha. I don't talk to you about it. Ever." But then there's the animal side, that is also caring, "Cyrus stroked Betsy's leg, not caring if anyone noticed. Another day of being so completely desperate to make love to her and he might decide to take her in public. Screw anyone who wanted to watch. He'd make sure they got a good show." I loved reading this book and I'm looking forward for more. 

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