Thursday, December 26, 2013

Torn From You by Nashoda Rose

With this book it took me reading a couple of reviews to convince me to read it, and that's perfectly okay because to me that's what reviews are used for. And I'm glad I decided to read this book, it had everything I was looking for action, sex, romance, an alpha male bad-a**, and well some disturbing content, but what's a good book without a little disturbing content. Logan you know he does everything for a reason, I know the minute he protected his 'Mouse' that he wasn't a bad guy, but was perhaps forced into a situation of life and death and the protection of others and although I thought he could have had more balls in the beginning with some of the situations he handled himself well, "Logan moved fast, knocking his hand off my hair and grabbing him by the shirt and slamming him against the van. "She's mine. You get that. You don't get to touch her - ever." Eme that girl had balls and half the book I was screaming 'YOU GO GIRL, YOU SHOW HIM WHOSE BOSS!' "Is that how you live with yourself? No, you just took away my choices. You watched while other people beat me. You bled my self-esteem. Damn it, you tore my effing heart out." And even thought Logan made some naughty choices he still took care of his girl when he couldn't be around, "I own the effin' place, Emily. You've been living on my farm for two years." Once again I'm glad the reviews swayed my mind it made me realize how important they truly are, and I was glad I read this book.

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