Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Slack by JA Huss

I love me some Ford. He's a busy boy, so I have to thank him for allowing us to view what one of his days would be like. He's a sexy guy, and he likes what he likes, even if it may seem strange, kinky, and kinda rude, but if Ford didn't have those kind of qualities he wouldn't be well...Ford. "Count to ten, come in, shut the door behind you, and then crawl to the table." I must say he has a strange way in starting his days, "I grin widely. The coffee's still how, I ran, I got a blowjob, and I'm ready for whatever the eff this stupid Christmas Eve decides to throw at me." I guess you could say Ford isn't really a shopper, "why is this place even open, it's effing Christmas Eve. Isn't everyone home with their families doing family s*** and eating crap by the handfuls, wishing that everyone's kids would just shut the eff up and fall into a post-sugar coma?" I don't think he likes Christmas either." I can't wait to get his whole story. 

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