Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Precious One by Evangelene

Lexi, she's an independent girl, "thank you." I said as I took it. "You know, I can pay for my own ticket. I realize that you think I'm some sort of poor meager waitress, but I do work hard for my money." And she knows how to throw sass, "I came dressed like this to prowl, Sir Lukas. I'm here to find someone to eff and last time I checked you were a customer at the bistro I work for, not my father, not my lover and more certainly not my husband." Lukas it likes spending time with his girl, "eff baby, can't you call in sick?" he grabbed me from behind, as I was trying to get dressed. "Looking at you just makes me hard." He wants to take care of his girl, "Alexia if you need money, I'll take care of you. Don't accept these damn extra shifts to stay away from me." he barked." He knows how to stand up for her, great first meeting with her mom, "Alexia and I started dating and I'm very interested in your daughter and I would like it if you stop setting her up with idiots that will never understand her." He loves how his girl dresses, "eff baby, you look sensational. God damn it, I want us to go out in public. When you dress like that, all I want to do is effin' take you home and lick every inch of your body until I get your sweet pu**y wet and eat up the mess I caused." I wonder if Lexi's friends are going to get their own book.

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