Thursday, December 26, 2013

Knight of the Highlander by Kristin Vayden

Colin has a little problem the boy can't take his mind off his girl, or I should say he can't get her out of his mind, "he turned once again to the simmering fire and picked up a new iron. This one he wouldn't beat to a shattered pulp, he hoped. As long as her focused on anything but Arywnn." He's cray cray about his girl and sweeter than honey to her, "ah, sweet Arywnn. When have I ever treated you as a child? If my memory serves me correctly, my kisses spoke otherwise." He also appreciates his woman looks, "Colin's eyes follower the movement and then trailed up slowly, taking in her nightdress with obvious approval. "Perhaps I should let you beat it out of present a tempting offer." His lips slipped into a crooked grin." I do love my historical romances, sometimes they're a little difficult to follow so i normally have to look up what words mean, I had to do that a few times with this book, but other than a few not know what the words meant this book is a great read. Some sweet kisses, some steamy kisses and some action what's not to love.

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