Thursday, December 26, 2013

Beautiful Addictions by Season Vining

Tristan is a protector and if his girl gets hurt, well the boy gets pi**ed, "what the eff?" he replied, garnering the attention of every guest in the quiet establishment." I loved how Tristan would tell Josie stories about their childhood and I loved getting Josie's reactions to those stories:
                    "Yeah. That's an understatement. You didn't talk to me for like three days, a record for us."
                     "Damn, guess I cut you off too?" she asked.
                     "We weren't having sex at fourteen, Josie." 
                     "Nothing?" She asked.
                     "Nothing past second base."
Josie is a little hellion and knows all the right moves to get her man moving, "she ran her hand up his thigh with a feather-light touch. Scratching her nails up the seam of his zipper. Josie was pleased with the deep moan Tristan let out." I think there's going to be a book, well the ending leaves things open for more, so maybe there will be a book two. I loved this book about second chances, had action, sex, psycho people, good book. 

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