Friday, December 27, 2013

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: The Replacement by Rachael Wade

A lot to take in with this book, I really thought I'd hate Elise but honestly I loved her. I loved how she was always honest in what she was doing and sort of knew how she was, "you know what I'm concerned about, Tim? The fact that men like you seem to think all women like me don't give a damn about anything. Stop acting like just because I give it to someone else besides you that I'm a worthless sl** with no life ambition." So at first I was on Team Christian just because I liked how he carried himself, and how he talked, "you know I love that smart mouth of yours. If you were here right now, I'd teach it a lesson. Don't deny me, Elise. You know I won't take no for an answer." I mean he seemed to care, "Elise, relax. I'm not asking you to have my children. Surely, you can eat a meal with me after I eff you senseless, yes?" He seemed genuine, "you know I'm a rich man, Elise. I would take care of you, take care of everything. I'd pay for you to go back to college. Anything you want, it's yours."  He's sort of demanding, but doesn't really care what she had to do, "I want a relationship. With you. No one else. And I want you all to myself, yes. I won't apologize for it. I don't care about the other men you've been seeing. Stop seeing them. Move in with me." But then I find out he's married, and cheats so it was no more Team Christian for me by Team Ryder, who seems to look past Elise's mistakes, "why does that surprise you?" he asks as he resumes the lead. "You're a beautiful woman, Elise. Inside and out, no makeup or hair products necessary." Ryder the boy has some embarrassment issues to work out, "I lean in to the kiss and bite back a grin as he hurries out the door. He's clumsily wrapping his belt back around him and cursing under his breath as he tries to secure it, and I can't take my eyes off his backside as he strolls down the hall." And he doesn't like to share, "I wanted to give you your Christmas present and ask you to be mine- not just someone I screw, Elise. Mine. My girl." I hope Natalie gets a book her own she was another character I fell in love with.

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