Friday, December 27, 2013

Shooter by Dahlia West

Chris, he's a little overbearing at times, "Slick. I swear to effing Christ above if you don't open this door and let me get a look at you, I will break it the eff down." Slick and Chris they really do have a great relationship which kinda started off weirdly, but Chris I could just eat his fine a** up, "you busted my balls over the house. Then giving you a ride home. Then the lawn. Now the groceries. Seems like you hold a grudge for a long time, woman." Slick the woman doesn't ask for much so honestly I think she's perfect for Chris, "I just want roast beef," she declared. "And I want you to wear underwear." Tex, he's a man and well like any other man you can buy him over with food like seriously these five boys all they seem to do it eat, Slick treats them well, "supervised!" Tex reminded him, taking a bite of his sandwich. "Oh, God these are good," he nearly shouted. "We have to give her the blowtorch. These sandwiches are too good not to give her a blowtorch." You know Chris comes off as a big ole' meanie but he has a big ole' soft spot for his girl, especially where kittens are concerned, "there was an ad for kittens in paper on Sunday. I just went to check it out, that's all. It's not like I was really looking." I can't wait for the rest of the boys to get their books.

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