Monday, December 23, 2013

Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally

Savannah is a saucy thing, "let's see. I've been riding since I was four years old. I was an exercise rider at Charles Town Races. And oh yeah, I caught Star on foot this morning. Remember that?" Jacks' smirk erupts into a full-blown grin." Jack he sometimes has to bring things to perspective for Savannah, "Jack keeps looking at me. "Kelsey and I just hang out's nothing serious. I'm going to check on Star." Way to break a man's spirit Savannah. The girl also knows how to speak her mind, "how can I trust that you aren't treating me great to my face so I'll take care of your horse? What if you hate me behind my back?" She also has backbone and really isn't afraid to speak her feelings, "they said you lose interest in girls after a couple of days and that I wasn't anything special. They're right. If I were special, you wouldn't want to keep me a secret." But Jack hes' got it bad for his girl, once he gets over all his damn issues, "his mouth lifts into a smirk. "You know the deal. I let you ride my horses, and in return you accompany me to all my boring social events." I'm hoping Rory is next in the series.

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