Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sadie by E.L. Todd

Was it just me or did Ethan perhaps maybe take is possessiveness/dominance a little to far? I mean I could be wrong but it felt like he was trying to make Sadie a puppet more than anything, but luckily the girl had sass and told him where to shove it. Ethan he's not like most guys, "I wanted to buy you a drink but some guy beat me to the punch. But since you're hardly touching it, I suspected the flower is a better gift anyway." I mean he's so damn bossy, "you lost the right to an opinion. It's settled. I'm taking you out to dinner tomorrow night. I'll be at your apartment at seven." He's controlling where the sex is concerned to, "I want you to go on birth control. I hate condoms." But he can be considerate, "yeah, baby. I sure will. But I just broke you in. And not to sound like a cocky a**hole, but I'm pretty big. It's going to be a challenge for you." I normally like possessive/dominant men but I just think Ethan took it to far. 

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