Monday, December 23, 2013

Damian by Jessica Wood

Alexis sure knows how to bring Damian down a peg or two, "I -" I was again caught off guard by her. "Well s***. Way to bust my balls, Alexis." I felt a need to defend myself, and this was a feeling I wasn't used to. "First of all, I don't have a girlfriend. That blonde you saw on the stairs the other day was just some random girl I effed. Second of all, when I offered you the drink just now, I was honestly trying to be nice. You seemed really upset and you're covered in dried pain, so I figured you were in need of a drink." It's funny how Alexis got under Damian's skin, "I wanted Alexis. I wanted to eff her. Hard. I wanted her to desire me more than any woman had ever desired me before. I wanted her to be the one riding my co** like it was the rodeo." Now, Alexis may be all shy and conservative but being in Damian's clutches for a little while turns her into a little hellion, "oh! I sense someone's going to miss me." A devious smile curled on her lips as she unzipped my jeans and reached in to greet my hard erection. "I'll definitely miss this," she moaned as her fingers moved along my shaft, making it pulse with need." I mean the girl knows how to get naughty, "I'm starting to see the benefits of you going commando," she moaned as she grabbed my erection with her hand. "God, you're always rock hard and ready for me." I enjoyed reading about Damian and his manwho*ing ways.

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