Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wolf With Benefits by Shelly Laurenston

Ricky he's cocky, "with an annoying amount of calm, he sipped his drink and remarked, "Darlin', at this point, I'm starting to think you're sweet on me." He loves Toni's curls, "I'm not. I like the curls. If we have sex, can I play with them." Ricky and Toni seem to hit it off right away and I think it's because Ricky is always amused when Toni is around, "I'm not exactly sure," he said, not making the least bit of sense. "But I swear, entertainment seems to follow you around, like a puppy after it's momma. So I am along for the ride, darlin'." Toni, that girl gets in some situations and the reactions that Ricky has tend to shock her, "Toni gasped and glowered down at the big bas****. "Are you hard?" she demanded, feeling something like lead pipe against her thigh." Ricky he has so much humor, "would it kill you to give me five minutes of your time after all that Chinese food I bought you yesterday. " I really am liking this author and can't wait to read more.

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