Monday, October 28, 2013

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Emblazed by Nikki Narvaez

Oh my Jace I've missed your fine sexy a**, and you haven't changed one bit, well you may have gotten a little sexier, "everyone rushed out after me, asking questions and yelling all at once. I bellowed over everyone, "Stop! All of you, shut the eff up!" In this book we see a little more temper than usual but under the circumstances I don't mind the little temper tantrums, "I grabbed the lamp and threw it against the wall, where it shattered on impact. I was going to slaughter Hades for hurting my Brielle." Oh yea maybe, we see more than a 'little' temper in this book, "Brielle's words replayed over and over in my mind, fueling my all-consuming rage. I was going to kill that mothereffer for even touching Brielle." Even after all the time they've been apart he still puts her needs before his, "you need to eat first. Once I get you under me, I don't plan on letting you out of this bed for a long time. Plus, knowing you, you'll probably want to take a shower first anyway." Jace knows how to show his woman gratitude and how much he's missed her (winks) "eff, baby, I missed you. Missed being inside you," Jace groaned." The ending wasn't to terrible I liked that fact that they were together but there was a cliffhanger which means their story isn't finished yet. 

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