Thursday, October 31, 2013

To Trust a Wolf by Kate Steele

I applaud Logan for not jumping Bryn's bones the first date even though a certain body part wasn't happy, "his co** was not  a happy camper, taking on a life of it's own, twitching with agitation at being roused only to be denied the prize." Logan he can make a woman melt with his words, "there's nothing obscene about it, Bryn. The truly obscene thing would be to deny your needs, to deny your pleasure. I can be there in fifteen minutes, baby," he cajoled. "There's nothing I want more than to see to your pleasure." He's also a caring man, "you're not going to cry are you, baby?" His soothing tone washed over her. "Tell me you're all right or I'm coming over there right now. I don't want you upset." He's a possessive thing as well, "my mate," he growled, harshly, possessively. "Mine." Biting down on her shoulder, he thrust." 

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