Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rock the Beat by Michelle Valentine

Loved me some Trip, "I eye her daisy-duke covered a** appreciatively while her head's turned. If she catches me eye-effing her, she'll smack the s*** out of me, but it's worth the risk." He's not bashful when it comes to his body and I love that in a man, "you want my help or not?" When I don't answer right away, he drums his fingers on the counter. "I'm waiting... I can stand here like this all day. I have no problem showing off what God blesses me with, and when I say blesses, well you know. You've seen it." And he's so cocky also another big trait I love in a man, "believe me, sweetness, you're inexperienced until you've been with me. If I effed you, I'd take you to a whole other level." I hope a novella comes out with Trip and Holly.

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