Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Throb by Brooke Jaxsen

Jason he's really thoughtful, "yeah, I know. I saw these at CVS, they're flats for after dancing and stuff, and I thought you might want some relief so I go them for you." The boy is always horny and Becca well that girl might be a tad bit naughty, "although I knew it was wicked of me, I slipped my hand over his pants and felt what I knew by now to expect: that his member was hard, so hard I could feel it through the thick denim of his designed jeans." Jason he's always taking care of Becca and I find it really really sweet, "looks like I forgot to take care of something." And he's very good at dishing out punishments, "I'll sentence you to the most terrible punishment of all," he growled into my ear. "You have to clean every inch of my body." I liked this book and I'm ready for the next one.

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