Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Something Wicked by Angela Campbell

With a cover like this I had to read the book, and I was not let down, Alexandra I loved her she was such an interesting character, "every time Alexandra lowered her guard, oh look, there was Rebecca Collins again, harping about her sons. Zachary this. Dylan that. Nag, nag, nag." Dylan that sly dog (winks) he had some tricks up his sleeve, "he nuzzled his mouth close to her ear. "Making sure you don't cheat. Got a problem with that?" Judging but the way she wiggled her backside against him, he didn't think so." At the worst times Alexandra's mind drifts to naughty thoughts and I found that funny, "whoa, girl. Keep your mind on the matter at hand, and not on her, er, weapon." Alexandra she's curious one always likes to sneak a peak at Dylan when not looking, "Alexandra lifted her eyebrows and smiled as she cast a slow glance over his naked parts not covered by the sheets." I really would like Reedus (think I spelled his name right) story, he was another character I fell in love with. 

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