Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Running Back by Allison Parr

Mike he has his own demons but when we first meet him I thought perhaps he was caring (in certain situations that is) "he took my hand, his own large and warm. his eyes scanned mine. "You're really upset about this." He takes offense at certain times, "he scowled at me and took a long pull of his drink. "I'm charming when I want to be." He's attractive, "instead of answering, I watched water trickle down his neck, tracing down his bare, tan chest, and slipping over his well-defined abdomen." He does things to Natalie that we all know the girl likes but doesn't want to admit she likes, "he lifted my chin and kissed my jawline. His breath sent shivers down my spine. "It's a great idea." Natalie likes to keep some things of her life private, "vetoed. Too many people will know we're having sex, and that's embarrassing. Like my adviser. And your mother." I want Anna or Lauren's book next (Mike's sisters) I fell in love with them right off especially Anna who has no filter on her mouth. 

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