Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Room for You by Beth Ehemann

Brody he's a cool guy, I loved him right off, "not just a mom of one, but two. Kacie noticed the surprised look on my face as her eyes turned sad and darted toward the floor in embarrassment. I suddenly felt like a giant douche." He likes to make up for the embarrassment he causes Kacie (well certain embarrassments) "Kacie!" I called out in a loud whisper. By the time she turned around, I had pulled my t-shirt off and dropped my jeans down around my ankles, standing there in nothing but my boxer briefs." I knew I really loved him when he knew how important it was for Kacie to put her girls first, "Kacie, I would never, ever be upset with you for wanting to spend alone time with your kids. Ever. Go, have fun. Meet you on the pier later?" He's really considerate as well, "he chuckled in the living room before yelling back. "No, I had no idea what you used, so I bought every one they had." I really got into this story and wasn't expecting the ending of this book to be a shocker, let's just say I'm ready for book 2. 

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