Thursday, October 24, 2013

Soar by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Well we got to decide what team we are on Team Toby or Team Jared, me I'm not sure what team I'm on yet, I love both men equally. Toby, he's protective, "no. Stay away from her." Once again, I felt the urge to transform. I'm sure my eyes were already turning black." I have to say though in the beginning I was team Toby, Casey she keeps him grounded, "we're going to the market like normal people." Toby he's a tad bit possessive, "she's with me. Get the eff out of here." Toby strode over to Murphy with the most menacing expression I'd ever seen." Leave it to Cody to put things in perspective about the relationship between Case and Toby, "it does in your case. You were about to be mauled by a bear you were more concerned with staring at him without a shirt on." Jared there were times I was team him, but then I thought it mean to be on team Jared because of things that happened in the book, and now I'm kind of unsure what team I'm on and maybe I was a tad disappointed something happened in the book but I'm all confused about who I'm routing for now. 

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