Thursday, October 31, 2013

Loving Laney by Lorna Jean Roberts

Cooper is all sorts of bada**, "well, now, sweet, I don't really want it. What I do want is for you to look me in the eyes, and I'm not going to move til' you do." He's cocky, "don't bother trying to lie to me, sweet. One, you're no good at it, and two, we both know that no self-respecting male werewolf would let you work in that dump." He's gentlemany when he wants to be, "well, everyone else's loss was his gain. But he would have to change his game plan. She deserved more than a 'wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.' He wasn't a gentle man, didn't know how to be gentle. But he would try for her, because there was no way he was walking away from her now." Sometimes Laney thinks she's killed the mood but leave it to Cooper to soothe her feelings, "sweet, you've seen my erection, I think it speaks for itself." Cooper he's a man that doesn't really need the foreplay, "sweet, I'm a man. One look at you and I'm good to go. Nibbling is all good, but right now I'm begging you to go to the main course." 

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