Friday, October 25, 2013

Knights' Sinner by Bella Jewel

Jackson I loved him just as much as Cade and Spike, "it ain't every day a man gets a nice view like that to come home to. Don't you worry about it, made my effin' day." Sometimes Jackson has to teach Serenity a few things, "you kiss a man, you do it effin' properly." There are times Jackson has to assure Serenity some things and keep her calm, "you women, ain't nothin' to be ashamed about. You had one crappy sexual experience, that was years ago, so basically that was like your first time. It's normal. Men are allowed to help. Stop arguing and let me." Serenity she gets curious and Jackson well whose he to argue, "eff her. Damn curious woman. I grind my jaw. Eff, it's been a long time since I've had a woman wank me. It's usually something I don't accept, hell I can do it myself." I can't wait for Muff's little novella. 

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